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All That's Left
Tuesday 03 May 2005

Ashley: Who are you and what's your position in the band?
Andrew: Andrew Bolooki, that damn sexy guitar player.

Ashley: Give me the history of the band in the form of a short fairy tale.
Andrew: Once upon a time, Sir Joseph Green started a band of Lute players. He eventually executed every member of his band until he was, eh hem, "All Thats Left." Then Sir Steven, myself, and Thomas the Jester/bucket player joined forces with Sir Joseph and we won over all the fairest maids in the land. Except Tom, he has no medieval game. The end!

Ashley: Where'd the band's name come from?
Andrew: See question #2!

Ashley: What's the best tour you've been on? Why?
Andrew: Our last, and only one to date yo! It was colder than penguin poop, but we made it and made 230498324 new friends in the process. Now more of the US thinks we are's great!

Ashley: What's your dream tour?
Andrew: All Thats Left and Yanni, live at the Acropolis.

Ashley: Describe your best/worst show.
Andrew: We've had a few good ones, plenty of bads ones to go around. The best was this show at Univ. of Miami opening for NFG. There were like 3,000 people there, it was nuts! The worst...ironically also at the Univ. of Miami. Some really really stupid show...we should've known better!

Ashley: What's the first/last record you've purchased?
Andrew: Frist? That would be Snow - "12 inches of snow". Hahaha don't you dare make fun of me! You know you owned it too! The latest? I re-purchased Alice in Chains -Dirt and Nirvana - Nevermind...they were really scratched.

Ashley: What's the strangest thing that's ever happened at a show?
Andrew: Um...hmm...One time I fell off the stage, but that wasn't strange, just stupid. When we play the Camel Toe Song...people thing we're really strange.

Ashley: What do you think of 'punk' stereotypes and trends?
Andrew: Punk, Emo, blah blah...I don't even know the difference to be honest.
Music is music.

Ashley: Describe each guy in the band in 4 words or less.
Andrew: Joey: Lyrics, Fender, Skinny, Weird
Steve: Greybraid, Game, Petrucci, and Dragons
Tom: OCDP, Dork, No-Game, Amazing
Andrew: Handsome, Awesome, Beautiful, Sexy

Ashley: If you could market any product for your band, what would it be?
Andrew: Mousepads! We're all big internet dorks.

Ashley: If you were stranded and starving on a deserted island, which of the guys would you eat first?
Andrew: They'd eat me, because I'm the fattest.

Ashley: What kind of pranks go on while on tour?
Andrew: HAHAHA, Steve lit a firecracker and put it under Tom's seat while sleeping the van. Tom made me do a "switchy-doo" with in while going 60 in the snow...rather, he and I swithing driver and passenger seats without stopping. Joey peed in a bottle multiple times...and I just video taped it all!

Ashley: What do you do in your off time?
Andrew: Talk to people all day, everyday. Oh, and play guitar.

Ashley: How hard did you have to hunt until you got signed? If you're not, for any particular reason?
Andrew: Buddy, if I knew our reasons for not being signed, I'd have fixed them by now! No but's all luck I suppose, playing for the right person at the right time.

Ashley: Any plans for a new release anytime soon?
Andrew: Yeah...sometime in the summer. Be on the look out, sucka!

Ashley: Where do you see yourself in the future?
Andrew: Playing music, then cannonballing into a hot tub full of naked women and alligators. I love excitement.

Ashley: Any closing comments?
Andrew: Ha, I ask my band mates this a lot... "If you were to crack a good egg, and nothing but BBQ Sauce came out, would you toss it as a bad egg, or keep it as good BBQ sauce? I mean, why would you waste BBQ sauce?"

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