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Who says punk and prom don't mix? Think "Pretty in Pink" for the new millenium and you know that when punk meets prom it is all good. The punk inspired bands of today, like in the 1980's, have gone mainstream and the music that they play is great for listening and dancing. Here we list 10 punk inspired bands that will rock up your prom and keep the party fresh.

1) "Trapt" by Trapt

Fast and heavy beats, cool voice effects and teen spirit lyrics make "Trapt" a Teen Music favorite. Not your ordinary punk band, the tunes on this CD are thoroughly danceable without losing their edge. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Headstrong', 'Hollowman', 'These Walls', 'Echo', and 'When All is Said and Done'.

2) "Sing The Sorrow" by A.F.I.

A.F.I. -- A Fire Inside, is probably one of the most underated bands of the new pop-punk group. A hybrid of The Clash and Sisters of Mercy, A.F.I. has a classic punk sound with a decidedly new millenium flavor. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)', 'Silver and Cold', 'Girls Not Grey', and 'This Celluloid Dream'.

3) "The Day I Forgot" by Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn is an understated soloist with a soothing voice that leaves many people wondering why he is classified as "punk". The answer is in his lyrics and the message of his music. His latest CD is like a daydream; a nice distraction from the norm. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Crystal Village', 'Committed' and 'When You See the Light'.

4) "All American Rejects" by The All American Rejects

A little bit punky and a little bit rock 'n roll, the A.A. Rejects are an interesting little band. Lots of fast beats make the self-titled CD a dancehall must play. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'My Paper Heart', 'Time Stands Still', 'One More Sad Song', 'Happy Endings' and 'The Last Song'.

5) "Spend The Night" by The Donnas

Cut up the rug with the fast paced sound of The Donnas. Girls just want to have fun and this group sure knows how with great music and even better lyrics. Speaking to a new generation of female fans, The Donnas make no apologies for the in your face tone of their tunes. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Take It Off', 'Who Invited You', 'I Don't Care (So There)' and 'Please Don't Tease'.

6) "Veni Vidi Vicious" by The Hives

Leading the Swedish Invasion of artists, The Hives burst on to the North American charts late in 2002 and immediately gained a loyal following. Young, brash and out for a good time, any song by this band is a great addition to any prom night playlist. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'A Get Together to Tear It Apart', 'Hate to Say I Told You So' and 'Find Another Girl'.

7) "Elephant" by The White Stripes

The White Stripes, like The Hives, gained mainstream recognition in 2002 making them one of the most recognizable of the new punk bands. Never taking themselves or their music too serioulsy, the White Stripes are pure prom night fun. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Seven Nation Army', 'In The Cold, Cold Night', 'Little Acorns' and 'Hypnotise'.

8) "Believe" by Disturbed

One of the more industrial sounding bands on this list, Disturbed makes music that is NOT for the masses. Their appeal lies in the bands signature sound made up of hypnotic base tones and heavy beats. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Prayer', 'Believe', 'Rise', 'Breathe' and 'Darkness'.

9) "The Young And The Hopeless" by Good Charlotte

The poster-band for pop-punk music, Good Charlotte have their fingers firmly on the pulse of teen angst in the new millenium. Each and every song on "The Young And The Hopeless" speaks to the issues that teens worry about most. Punk? Maybe not, but these guys definitely dance to their own beat. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'The Anthem', 'Girls & Boys', 'Riot Girl' and 'Say Anything'.

10) "Does This Look Infected?" by Sum 41

2003 Juno winners and favorites of teen girls across North America, Sum 41 is all about good times and good friends making them a perfect prom night music pick. Fast music that you can dance to and lyrics teens can relate to sum up the core appeal of this group. Teen Music recommended tracks for prom: 'Hell Song', 'Still Waiting', 'Thanks for Nothing', and 'Hooch'.

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