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Punk Band, Bar Band, Frat Rock Band?

Do you know MxPx? They are featured in that Pepsi commercial where the kids end up in the same mosh pit as their parents. They are also re-making the song "Shout" for the 'Animal House Anniversary Edition' DVD, and on September 16 they released their latest CD Before Everything & After.

If you aren't yet a fan, you soon will be.
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What Is Punk? A Short Overview of Punk Rock Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

Punk rock can be broken up into several different sub-genres. While very different in some ways, all of these share common characteristics. This short 'guide' will help dispel the different stereotypes of certain types of music, and maybe expose you to some new music as well...

Punk Rock Reaches the Masses Jacen Phelps Tuesday 05 April 2005

I've been noticing lately the term 'punk' is being used by a lot more people than before. What exactly seperates a punk from a poser, anyway? Can pop-punk be punk, or is it all just more MTV bullshit.

Getting Things Straight...The Defenition of a Sellout
Jacen Phelps Tuesday 05 April 2005

A "sellout" in terms of punk rock is in fact NOTsimply a band that gets mass air-time on MTV or VH1, as many people often say. Most of the time these people are not knowledgable of punk music. However, in most cases, any band that is a true sellout will be seen on major networks quite frequently.

Just Justified // Volume 1 Justin Conklin Monday 25 April 2005

I have decided to start a column if you will, or a reoccurring article by me about how I am feeling about the scene. One thing that has come to my mind is all the new kids who love punk rock; they act like they’ve been in it for years.

What Went Wrong? Samuel-182 Sunday 10 April 2005

I decided to write this article to express my opinions on what the music industry is doing wrong, and what needs to be done to save it. If you disagree with me, good, if you agree with me, good, this is my opinion and I'm not trying to force anyone onto it. Enjoy.

Finding Emo By: Unsung Zero Tuesday 05 April 2005

Finding Emo When defining emo to someone one will usually describe it as really whiney punk. When in fact what you've described is a small portion of the subgenre of emo. Like I've said before, emo is an emotionally driven subgenre of hardcore. Now, given THAT definition one could argue that all music is now emo. But it's not.

Anarchist Revolution Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

The Anarchy Revolution is a straightforward and simple conclusion to a totally free country. Contrary to many beliefs, Anarchy is not a group of Terrorist or destructive people that wish to cause trouble and riots. Anarchy is a form of government, based on total freedom and a non-government society. In the following paragraphs, I will explain in more detail how an Anarchist society runs, operates, and how it compares to today’s methods of government.

DIY Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

Actually, if you dont know what it means, it means Do It Yourself. DIY is as old as punk (or at least as old as hardcore). Now, what specifically is DIY? It's what makes someone self-sufficient. It's what powers you when you've got little or nothing left. It's what drives you to do something. When all else fails, Do it your fucking self.

HARDCORE! Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

Hardcore has always been one step ahead of punk ferocity. In the old days hardcore was much more easier to define. It was faster and louder than Punk. But the old definition has been for the most part lost to the modern Punk populus. We call Black Flag and Dead Kennedys and Bad Religion Punk Rock, from which Hardcore was birthed, but they were most definitely in a league all their own: Hardcore.

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