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Getting Things Straight...The Defenition of a Sellout
Jacen Phelps Tuesday 05 April 2005

A "sellout" in terms of punk rock is in fact NOTsimply a band that gets mass air-time on MTV or VH1, as many people often say. Most of the time these people are not knowledgable of punk music. However, in most cases, any band that is a true sellout will be seen on major networks quite frequently.

I think that the defenition of a sellout can be summed up as any band that drops its home record label to join some fresh new major label, to change not only their attitudes and viewpoints, but their style of music and their appearances, and giving up all responsibilities as to the lyrics of their songs. One thing that I have noticed contantly is the viewpoint that any band played on MTV is a sellout. Simply not true. Just to clear things up...think to yourself... if you were in a band, struggling day out for fans and popularity... would you deny MTV the right to air your video because it would make you a "sellout" ?

I think the answer to this question can be clearly summed up with a resounding HELL NO! Allowing a network to air your music is simply common sense, and a decision that sometimes...for some reason...loses fans. To me it is simple common sense... If you were in a band.. and you switched record labels, started to let other high prioroty people and record executives write your lyrics, started to dress and act diferently, then, YES, NOW this would make you a sellout.. as did popular bands Green Day, Blink 182, and recently and sadly, former hardcore punk-rockers AFI. Not to say these bands do not produce KA material, but yes, sadly they sold out. Next time you think of calling a band a "sellout" for simply seeing their music video on a major network... think beore you say it.

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