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HARDCORE! Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

I've been watching old Circle Jerks and Bad Religion videos all day. I love all kinds of hardcore and need to talk about it.

Hardcore has always been one step ahead of punk ferocity. In the old days hardcore was much more easier to define. It was faster and louder than Punk. But the old definition has been for the most part lost to the modern Punk populus. We call Black Flag and Dead Kennedys and Bad Religion Punk Rock, from which Hardcore was birthed, but they were most definitely in a league all their own: Hardcore.

Now, what makes Hardcore, well, Hardcore? Well incase you're an idiot and didn't catch it before (stupid fuck), Hardcore is just crazier. It's louder. It's harder. Older Hardcore was easier to differenciate. You played faster than say The Ramones, and often just a simple 1 2 1 2 beat was used, because that was easy as shit to play and do it fast (listen to "Walk Together, Rock Together" by 7 Seconds and you'll see what I mean). The pace was basically 100 times faster than anything before and the amps were set to like 50 or something. That was old Hardcore, and it was good.

Newer Hardcore is subject to stupid people, elitists, and labelers (who also happen to be stupid). There's about a zillion different kinds of hardcore. There's metalcore, grindcore (the only two that make any semblance of sense), thugcore, japcore, and the list could probably be endless. Who knows with these names these retards make up.

Apparently "Thugcore" is non-political, non-melodic Hardcore. Oh, non-political non-melodic yeah that makes sense... Oh wait! NO IT FUCKING DOESN'T! ITS FUCKING HARDCORE AND THAT'S IT! And calling something "Japcore" just because its from Japan is fucking retarded. Do you call Agnostic Front Americore? NO SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! Metalcore is labeled as a metal-hardcore cross. This makes the most sense, but at the same time is still stupid. Metalcore is now just flat out Hardcore. Metalcore is modern Hardcore. It's a step ahead of Punk in loudness and hardness. Therefore, bands like Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead, Shai Hulud, and Killswitch Engage are really just still Hardcore at heart. Grindcore is like crazy kind. It sort of goes all over the place. The Dillinger Escape Plan is universally referred to as grindcore, and if you listen to them you'll get what I mean. They're about the only band that I accept the use of the alternate word to describe it, because it actually fits. The rest of the shit is stupid.

I will never understand why half of these idiots come up with these berjillion names for shit. Math Metal. What the fuck is that? Did they study Euclidian Geometry or something? Do they write their music with mathematical formulas? I fucking doubt it.

As for the whole Metal/Hardcore mix-up. Since Hardcore has been evolving faster and louder than Punk has, and so far Punk almost always follows suit, Hardcore has become much more like Metal. Some of these bands are advertised as Metal, but are Hardcore if you listen and pay attention to it. Others are Hardcore but called Metal. There are subtle differences in the music. If you listen good Metal and then good Hardcore, you can tell the difference. It's not easy to explain, because music is a weird thing. But you can just tell. Of course not all Hardcore has moved closer to Metal. Some retain the old style (Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, etc).

Hardcore is, and always has been, awesome. It's the ultimate fuck up music. You run in the pit, fuck shit up, and maybe leave with a broken nose. Who cares. That's Hardcore, and it fucking kicks ass.

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