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Anarchist Revolution Justin Tuesday 05 April 2005

The Anarchy Revolution is a straightforward and simple conclusion to a totally free country. Contrary to many beliefs, Anarchy is not a group of Terrorist or destructive people that wish to cause trouble and riots. Anarchy is a form of government, based on total freedom and a non-government society. In the following paragraphs, I will explain in more detail how an Anarchist society runs, operates, and how it compares to today’s methods of government.

Anarchy is based on five principles, I will briefly discuss each principle in the following paragraph. Firstly, Equality is the first main idea that Anarchy is based off of. In terms of Anarchy, equality is in reference to power and authority. No one individual holds more power, or has more say in any type of issues regarding the government and society. Equality is very important for Anarchy to succeed, because it gives the citizens their own choice on matters. Next, democracy plays a very important role in an Anarchy society. This principle focuses on giving all people their own decision on anything that affects their lives. It has a lot of similarities to equality. The next principle is mutual aid. Mutual Aid is more or less, eliminating a competitive atmosphere from society. Instead of competing against each other, the society would work together and accomplish more. In comparison to real life, if all major computer corporations put all their brains together, instead of fighting each other for the latest cards, we would have a much faster growing technological nation. The famous saying “2 brains are better than 1”, is basically what this is trying to depict. Next, diversity is a huge and critical role in a society. Without diversity you would be more likely to “rule”. Diversity helps in this and helps sculpt a society into a complete unified one. Finally, free association is the final straw in an Anarchy society. Free association is when you’re not forced into any social arrangement. With free association, the poor have a chance to become rich and become strong structures in life. Nowadays, you’re not likely to exceed the success of your parents. If you’re born poor, you will probably die poor. Anarchy is ready to eliminate those problems. Now that you have an idea on the structure of an Anarchy society, we will discuss its further benefits and sub-features.

Anarchy’s structure is based completely around total freedom and equality. The U.S. Governments democracy is as well. However, you have higher authority, rules that you must obey, and the authority is on power trips. Sure, you’re thinking without rules there would be total chaos. However, there is already total chaos. Murders are committed usually upon anger and jealousy, which makes them impossible to prevent. The police can’t stop murders from happening. Therefore it is no different in Anarchy. Next, everyone in a society will have a say in the society. With complete equality, no person or group can decide changed that will occur in a society. The whole society, rich or poor, is at an equal level and everyone will have an equal voice in a society. Finally, more peace would be brought among the community. If you took classes, power, and authority out of today’s society. You would be looking at a much more peaceful place. Now that you have seen some of Anarchies benefits, lets compare it with current types of government.

Anarchy provides a no authority system based on pure equality, giving people the complete say in issues in the society. While democracy is much different, you vote and elect leaders to a position. With this method, after election, you really have no say in what happens, it is based purely on the elected official, which in times is not even who you wanted to be in power. That is one of the many flaws in the United State’s democracy, a huge percentage of citizens do not vote. Chaos is said to occur in an Anarchy society, however even in the United States you have murder, poverty, pollution, robberies, etc. These are looked upon as natural human occurrences that cannot not be prevented, no matter how much power the authorities have. In an Anarchy society, you have no authorities on power trips pushing people around. This will in the long run provide for a system of more orderliness and peace. However, in the United States you have that authority and the same crimes are being committed, and more chaos is stirred throughout the society because of the authority. The choice of all citizens will be among them. They have a free opportunity to choose the way they live their lives, spend their money, and how they go about their daily lives. On the other hand, in a democracy you have taxes, rules, regulations, fees, and the everyday abuse of power. These are things that even most democratic people often glare at. That wraps up the way an Anarchist society lines up to current day societies.

The Anarchy Revolution is often looked at as a destructive revolution. However, Anarchist are not terrorist, nor are they in favor of chaos. Simply put, they are just sick and tired of being pushed around by power trip authorities, in what is said to be a free country. Winston Churchill famously said that, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others have been tried.” The goal of anarchist’s is to disprove Winston Churchill and prove that Western democracy is not only bad but inferior to a very different and realistic alternative.

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