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A Thorn For Every Heart - 03.30.05

For those who don't know, what is your name and what do you do in the band?

Justin: I�m Justin I play bass.

Jeff: My names Jeff. I play guitar, sing, and some piano.

Phil: Keyboards cool dude. My names Phil and I play guitar and some backing vox.

Now, you guys have been together for a short time, how did you guys go about becoming A Thorn For Every Heart?

Jeff: We just started a project with no intent of doing anything to serious. Just jamming.

Justin: Jeff and I actually met in high school guitar class. I was in another band and they showed up at my door and asked me to play bass. At first I didn�t want to because I was busy with my other band. I told them I would come down and jam with them for fun a few times. About a week later my other band decided to kick me out because they thought I was too busy. So I then focused all my attention on ATFEH. After we had a few songs written we started trying out singers. We tried out about 5 people and then

Kelvin came down. He just flowed through all the songs. It seemed like he already knew them. So then in July 2003 we became A Thorn For Every Heart. Phil joined up with us in November replacing our old guitarist Joel.

Were you guys in any bands before?

Jeff: I don�t think mine counts.

Justin: Yeah, I played in a band called Get Well Soon. They were the band that kicked me out... I was upset at first but now I'm so happy they did! Kelvin played in a band called Likewise with a couple of the guys from A Static Lullaby, and then a band called Cut Away. After Kelvin joined our band the rest of Cut Away ended up playing in the Ashley Simpson band.

Phil: I was in a local pop punk band called Nothing To Prove.

How has it been for the band with all this attention so fast?

Phil: It�s pretty amazing. Were lucky to be where were at.

Justin: Yeah we are very grateful. We love our label and all the people who have helped us out. Thanks Wendy and Matt!!

Jeff: Sometimes it�s a little overwhelming.

Justin: Yeah to think back even to where we were a year ago, its crazy that we've done so much in one year.

What is the meaning behind the name A Thorn For Every Heart?

Jeff: It doesn�t have any official meaning. We came up with a bunch of names and all chose that one. Our name was almost Summer So Bleak, which ended up being a song title.

Justin: Its open to interpretation.

Phil: The meaning of A Thorn For Every Heart is ________________. (Fill in the blank)

I see you guys played the smartpunk stage at Warped Tour, how was it playing
that tour?

Phil: It was amazing. It was hot as hell and hectic. It was really hard to do in a van because of the scheduling.

Justin: But yeah it was great. I can't wait to do it again this summer. It�s like a Traveling circus.

Do you guys have any plans of playing Warped this year?

Justin: Yeah we are confirmed 6/29 - 7/7 on the Ernie Ball stage, and 8/1 - 8/14 on the Smartpunk stage.

What's it been like working with Shawn Sullivan?

Justin: It was cool. I like his style. He went for all real tones. Minimal auto tune, no triggers on the drums, and vintage rock guitar tones.

Jeff: He did a great job on the record, but he had his fair share of kicking our asses.

Phil: He whooped us into shape.

Justin: When we first met him he said to be ready. He will tell you straight up if you're sounding like shit.

Do you guys have any big plans for the new year?

Justin: Tour always, stay home never, and talk to lots of strangers... A second record will probably come next winter.

What was the best tour that you guys have been a part of?

Jeff: Taking Back Sunday, Fall out boy, Matchbook Romance.

Justin: That tour was crazy.

Boxers or Briefs?

Phil: Commando.

Jeff: Commando for me too.

Justin: Usually boxers for me.

Have any crazy stories on the road?

Justin: Yeah we ran over our merch guy�s foot with our trailer while he was taking a crap in the middle of the desert. We tried to play a joke on him acting like we were going to drive off and we didn�t know how close he was to the trailer.

Best album of 2004?

Jimmy Eat World "Futures"

Any bands we should all be listening to?

Justin: Head Automatica and Queen.

Phil: Auditory Aphasia

Jeff: Cartel, Saosin and Emanuel.

Any last words for the readers out in AP land?

Justin: Checkout our website we will have a new one up soon. Lui our tech has his balls pierced and he's single ladies!!

Jeff: Look out for the next record. Be our friends on myspace.

Phil: Check out the songs we have coming out on Punk Goes 80's and The Smashing Pumkins tribute comp.

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