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Basic Steps to Impressing Recruiters

As a college student looking for your first college internship, you want the company recruiters to be on your side, going to bat for you to get you through the process and into their company. This is one of the most basic things you want to know in how to get a job. There are many things that a recruiter needs from you to do their job; however, we have chosen 7 ways to impress a recruiter that will help them do a good job for you.

We will focus on those 7 ways below. To impress a Recruiter and get him or her on your side, it is important for you to: 1. Be honest and accurate regarding your employment, schooling and other areas that will have an effect on your job search. This will help establish trust which is important between yourself and the recruiter; 2. Respect the Recruiter's time by arriving for appointments a few minutes early.

This will help establish good communication and a good relationship; 3. Create a great resume and cover letter that shows your accomplishments and shows what you can contribute to the job and the company, Be sure to use appropriate key words and be open to suggestions from your college career center, employment counselors or others with experience; 4. Contact the Recruiter by sending your resume in or calling. A good resume, should yield positive results, and the Recruiter will call you, especially if your paperwork stands out from the rest. If you don't hear from the Recruiter call to follow up with them.

Remember, you are marketing yourself. 5. Be professional and organized. Recruiters and Human Resources managers are usually very busy, and if you have everything well put together, keeping copies for yourself, you will be able to have an intelligent conversation once you and the Recruiter connect, you will be able to stay on point and make the best use of everyone's time. 6.

Have well developed job search criteria so that you can discuss the information in an organized and timely manner; 7. If you post your resume on line on engineering career sites, make sure that it contains specific, strong and job/skills related key words and that you provide information so that it stands out among a crowd of others doing the same way. These may not seem like complicated things to do, but sometimes it's a return to the basics that can yield the most positive results.

This article was written by Bob Halgren, an expert in educating college students on how to get their next college internship or full time job. For more information and other articles, visit

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