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Green Janitorial Services

Have you gone to a chemical manufacture's event with the promise of getting a Green certificate only to be sold on the company's cleaning products? These certificates are not worth the paper they are written on. You see, may claim to be Green Clean because they have a few Green products in the mix, but only those who actually use Green products and Green practices are truly Green. Fictional Green Clean certification has no real value.

In an age of heavy competition, your firm needs a real certification to stand out in the crowds of competitors. Cheap credentials are frankly an embarrassment and will not stand up under examination. Green Clean Institute ( is the only pure education firm that will train and certify your janitorial firm. This helps your firm in many ways.

Cleaning Green infers that the people are invested in the Green program working like "Technicians" rather than unskilled workers. You see, the janitorial and cleaning industry is "Coming of Age" as an active participant in building health rather than the unknown night shift that mops floors and empties the trash. Janitorial workers have been generally "Task Oriented" rather than "Service Oriented.

" Task oriented means they were given a job assignment and a time frame to get it done. It didn't take much training to plug a janitorial need with a warm and willing body. New mandates, such as Green concerns, require that each janitorial services improve their knowledge and perform work in a new manner. Green cleaning requires that a service do more than a series of meaningless tasks. It is also more than adding a few Green products to your janitorial cart. It is now important that workers know how to deliver a Green cleaning service to their customers.

Green Clean Institute offers a Green Clean Firm certification at a very affordable price. It is not earned by paying a fee, but requires the person to take six easy-to-understand modules and six exams. In the end, your firm will earn the only federal trademark certification available for janitorial services. This is something that you can include in your bids and quotes. Green certification is a source of pride and will help your firm win bids where the client understands and wants a bona fide Green janitorial service. More corporation are asking for Green janitorial services.

Government offices are required to Go Green. Many schools are also required to go to Green cleaning processes. Green clean certification is an investment that pays off many times over.

One good job pays for the cost of the training many times over. The material is useful, and even those who have been in the business for years seem to enjoy the course. Courses are available as a download, so learning can start when you are ready.

In the coming days, you will need to be a Green Clean Technician to honestly claim to be a Green Clean firm. In this Green economy, it is not enough to to claim to be Green but have no proof of your training. As a Green Clean Technician, you show that you are a trained and certified professional worthy of the next great job.

Earn your Green Clean certificate at from the Green Clean training program green clean. Better yet, earn your Green Janitorial certificate in less than 30 days Green Clean Certified

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