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Numerology Unfolding The Mystery of Numbers

Numerology is an ancient study and deals with unfolding the mysteries of numbers. The interpretation of numbers, dates (of birth, occurrence of events etc.), value and significance of letters (in names of persons etc.) are the concerns which numerology seeks to attend. This may pertain to an individual (a single entity) or to a large group (many entities collectively coming under a single head).

The characteristics and line of action of individuals or groups are delineated and the future is forecasted based on the findings from this study. Scope of numerology Practitioners of numerology claim that this subject has a wide scope, relevance and applicability. In-depth analysis of a person's features, character and activities is carried out and suggestions about his/her future and strengths, weaknesses and best course of action are made. Suitable names of persons and enterprises and the probable future of entrepreneurial concerns are also suggested by numerology. Though this has a close association with astrology, yet it has a distinct place of its own in the mystical and occult sciences. Features of numerology Early mathematicians like Pythagoras had advocated Numerology and numerological divination.

However, now numerology has lost its significance in mathematics. It is even being perceived as pseudo mathematics by the mathematicians of the day. Nevertheless, it has found ready acceptance among numerologists and is classified with astrology and other occult studies as a valuable mystical science. Numerology looks upon everything as numbers and considers these numbers to be codes reflecting the cosmic plan regarding these. Letters of alphabets too have been accorded a numerical value.

Apart from highlighting about character, purpose, motivations and talents the study also helps determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Thus you can get some help in deciding when to invest gainfully, when to marry, when to look for job change, when to relocate and where and when and where to travel. Just like the other occult and mystical studies, numerology too makes an effort to throw light on the unknown and the unseen.

It also seeks to provide valid explanations of the observable characteristics of individuals to testify its credibility. This has found a proud place of its own in astrology and related studies. Resources have been coming up online too in order to aid in the pursuit of numerology. You too can get some insight into your undiscovered self and your future with help from the free numerology readings being provided online.

Author Barney Garcia is a proud contributing author and enjoys writing about many different topics. Please visit my web sites @ and

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