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Protect Your Computer When Using File Sharing Programs

File sharing programs are currently taking the software industry by storm. They are easy to use and provides you with ways to protect yourself from copyright infringement through notification and education. They also contain burn software so you can download and burn from one program. They also use some of the largest file sharing networks in the world.

Most are spyware and adware free so you can be sure that your privacy is protected. However some file sharing programs do not protect you from the files that are being shared over the network.

They simply allow you access to them and allow you to download them.

As a result there are a few things that you should do to make sure that your experience with file sharing programs is exceptional and well worth it. The first thing is to check for odd file names when searching.

File names should be easy, short and concise. If you have huge long file names for something small then you may want to avoid this file. Mp3 files should contain the name of the song and the artist name; it may also contain the album name.

Check the file size, excessively large or small files should be avoided. Mp3s on average are 4-6 mbs per file. Documents are usually around 25K if they are a single-two pages and so forth.

A book that reads as 1k should probably be avoided. These files may be perfectly correct and fine but often times files that contain viruses, ad and spyware come across like this.

You will need several scanners in order to protect your computer. Spyware, Virus and Trojan, not all regular virus software applications search for Trojans and they are some of the most common viruses that are spread through the use of file sharing networks.

Scan all files, you can do this by scanning the share folders only, if possible limit to a single folder to share files from.

Use all three scanners before opening any documents. This will ensure that you are keeping your computer safe while you are enjoying all the benefits of many file sharing programs extensive p2p network.

File sharing programs often allow you to use a single file for sharing and place all documents and items you wish to share in this folder.

This helps to protect your system as well as your information. It also makes it easy to find the files you download.

These are just some of the ways that you can enjoy all the benefits of using person to person file share software applications without having to worry about possible damage to your system. If you find a file that has inappropriate content remove it promptly from your computer through the recycle bin and then delete it right away. Do not allow it to remain on your computer. In addition, when installing programs always include a restore point prior to installation in order to protect your computer should anything happen during the installation process.

This is more likely to occur with games and other programs found on file share programs. It does not however detract from the benefits gained from the use of such applications.


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