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Season of Love and love birds

Love is probably one of the few things that does not have any set time or season. Almost every month there is some date or occasion to celebrate love itself. Love does not need to wait for a particular month or a date to be celebrated. A family get together is a celebration of love as much as a couple meeting each other after a long time.

If you look at life itself there are hundreds of such circumstances that take place every day. Spring is often heralded to be the season of love. There us definitely something about it which makes it the main hero of so many poems, especially the ones penned by the Romantics. The dreary winter brings with it so much of bleakness and often leaves the heart cold. There is no sign of the bright sun to cheer you up, nor can you hear the chirps of any birds to sing you a morning song.

Everything is mostly buried under a thick blanket of snow. Which is why we wait for Christmas to bring in cheer, color and presents. But after the winter passes, there comes the spring, bringing in its own beauty. The ice melts, the birds are back, the sun is shining slowly, and there is hope all around. It is the most favored season for lovers because there is nothing more romantic than strolling hand in hand in a park, listening to the birds sing a song for you both, while you make your plans for the future. After all, Valentine's Day is not too far away.

Spring will always be looked upon as the season of hope for things to come, and of course of love. In the season of love, feel free to use love sayings while talking. It was not unusual for lovers in the earlier centuries to gift each other love birds as a sign of their affection and devotion to each other. Gifting a pair of love birds symbolized love itself, and more importantly also revealed the intention of the man to marry his lady love at a later date.

Women adored receiving these birds. A mere glance at them, would send her into a dream fantasy of how she and her love would spend the rest of their lives together. Love birds themselves are actually small multi colored birds which are light weighted and small in size. They have a very cute appearance about them and in spite of being small have large beaks.

More often, it is the male that is a bit more bulkier than the female, while the latter tends to be slightly slender in build. Love Birds are known to be quite clean in nature, and love eating seed, pieces of fruit and sometimes grass. They are known to stick with the same partner for a lifetime and live quite happily in cages.

Moreover they are believed to have a very strong relationship with their respective owners. It is no wonder then that they remain a much favored present to give especially during Valentine's Day. It is their symbolism that has stood them in good favor for so many centuries.

Not only does their chirping delight the heart, but their beauty itself astounds the onlooker.

Shweeta Bhandari is a professional content writer who is working for Best Cute Quotes. She has excelled in the field of writing articles on literature, poetry, teens, love quotes, relationships, friendship quotes, friends, romantic quotes, life, friends, marriage, teens, and many other types of feelings and relationships.

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