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Starting Out Pick The Right DJ Equipment

So you want to be a DJ. You want to play to the masses and entertain your mates. So where do you start? The first thing you need to do is earn yourself some money, set your budget and get yourself on the internet in search of the best deals on DJ equipment. There are thousands of different pieces of DJ equipment and for the beginner knowing where is best to spend your money can be difficult.

The majority of new DJs will not have a limitless budget and as a result it is important that they make the most of the money that they have.

This is especially difficult for new DJs as they do not have much experience with DJ equipment and knowing what to spend their money on can be quite tricky. The equipment also often has to match with the skills of the DJ and occasionally the type of music you want to play.

The best piece of advice that can be offered to an aspiring DJ is to save up the largest budget that they possibly can and then read up on as many different items of equipment that they possibly can. Equipped with this knowledge they should then be able to select the best kit for their money. Failing that read this article and locate the areas in which it is best to splash out more money.


The most important piece of equipment for any DJ is music.

Getting together a collection of your favourite tracks is bar far the most important and difficult skill for any DJ. Get the music selection right and your audience will invariably enjoy what you play. It is no good investing serious amounts of money on the best kit if you have terrible music to listen to.

The major choice that needs to be made by an aspiring DJ the format in which they purchase their music.

There are a number of different formats in which you can purchase and play music. The most popular for DJs is probably the vinyl record with CDs a close second. There are a number of different benefits of both of these types of music format and these relate to the playing device from which they are played.

Playing Devices

To play your music to the masses you need a music playing device.

DJs often use two music devices in conjunction to create seamless flows between the tracks that they play. The first device will be used to play music and the second will be used to cue up the next song and the output will be switched between devices using a cross fader. This can produce the effect of sounding like a single piece of music. This can make changing tracks easier on the ear of the listener.

This is one of the areas which is crucial to the skills of the DJ those DJs that can match beats successfully and mix music in exciting and enjoyable ways often achieve a great level of success. Although this was typically used to transfer music between vinyl records more recently devices have been created that enable the DJ to control CDs in a similar way. These devices use turntables that can be manipulated by hand to cue up CDs. The most important thing is to listen to the track through headphones to help the DJ.


A vital piece of kit to the DJ is his headphones.

The best types of headphone block out ambient sound. As a result external earphones are much better than in ear earphones. I would recommend that if an aspiring DJ knows that they will be a DJ for a long time that they invest in a good pair of headphones as they could conceivably last their whole career and would be well worth the investemen


About the Author (text)Expert disc jockey and distributor of numark, pioneer and technics dj equipment Shaun Parker has been involved in the music scene for many years. To see more of his product visit

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