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Types of platinum fountain pens

Owning a nice fountain pen is a great idea for every avid collector of writing tools. The most popular fountain pens are the one made of platinum. Platinum fountain pens are referred to as such because their exteriors made of platinum.

In most cases their caps and bodies are plated with platinum in a way so that the pen and the nib do not tarnish. In some rare cases certain platinum fountain pens also have platinum cases in which they are placed to provide them extra protection and style. On the inside platinum fountain pens are usually the same as any other ordinary fountain pen.

Most fountain pens are usually equipped with converters and fillers of international standards so that any ink or cartridge can be used. Platinum fountain pens can make excellent gifts due to the fact that they can be personalized. It is not that difficult to have the name of the gifts recipient, a logo or the date of a special occasion engraved on them. Usually engravings on fountain pens, just like every other kind of pen are available for a small additional cost. Apart from being gift items, platinum fountain pens are valued items to collectors.

Many people who collect pens have antique and vintage platinum fountain pens in their collections. Platinum, as a metal is very durable and strong and any pens made from this metal, including platinum fountain pens, can withstand enormous pressures. They will not be affected by environmental conditions wither, since platinum does not rust. Any platinum object will remain unaffected by weather and climate changes for years if not decades to come. Most pen manufactures produce many types of platinum plated fountain pens. In most cases platinum fountain pens come in limited editions and are far more expensive than the regular fountain pens.

Prices of platinum fountain pens depend on several factors. First, the price depends on the amount of the precious metal used for the outer body. The price also depends on the material used to make the nib. In some cases the nib is made from gold and therefore these pens are much more expensive. The price also depends on the accessories sold along with the pen; accessories like pen stands. The price fluctuates depending on what materials have been used to make these items as well.

If the accessories are made form platinum then expect the price to be much higher. Other accessories that usually come with the pen and that might determine the price of the set are ink pots and platinum plated pen cases. Have in mind that platinum fountain pens are not widely available and are usually either auctioned or produced on demand.

A popular manufacturer of platinum fountain pens is cross. Cross has been producing pens for almost one hundred and fifty years. Cross fountain pens can be very expensive. If you are aiming to purchase a cross fountain pen, be ready to pay accordingly. The tradition of making fountain pens is over one thousand years old. Keep that in mind when selecting your platinum fountain pen because some pens are really old.

There are many types of pens available on the market. One of the most popular manufacturers is Cross. Cross pens are very popular. Especially the collector's favourite Cross fountain pen

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